A step by step guide to job-hunting while still employed

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Ethics. It is just another buzzword in the business world, right? Wrong. You need to keep your business ethics in mind if you are going to seek out a new job while still employed. Few things put off potential employers than a candidate who displays unethical behavior in their job search. Also, if your current employer discovers a breach of ethics, they may just be encouraged to fast track your dream of not working for them anymore.

Do not use company resources to search for your new job

Stay off job posting sites while you are at work. Avoid using company mail or the office fax machine to send out your resume. Do not be tempted to use company resources because you do not get along with your boss or because everybody is out of the office. Being caught is a surefire way to end up with lots more free time on your hands.

Do not discuss your job search

Telling your spouse, best friend or even your dog that you are looking for employment elsewhere is fine, but that is just about as far as you can go. If you want to keep your boss out of the loop, resist the temptation to tell the receptionist about your job hunting activities.

Schedule interviews outside your work hours

Ensure that you are upfront with your potential new employer by letting them know you can only attend an interview before or after your regular work hours. If they see you taking your present job seriously, you will be viewed as a person of integrity, which is a plus. You may also suggest that they interview you over your lunch hour or take a day off if that does not work.